Invest In Hurricane Preparation By Renting A Storage Unit For Outdoor Items

When you move into an area that can get hurricanes, you may not know about all the preparation methods. Fortunately, your home may have custom shutters that you can put on all the windows if you end up getting a hurricane warning. If you have a backyard with lots of items outside, you will need to put everything away so that your items do not become dangerous flying objects. An excellent solution to keep your items safe, without damaging your home, is to rent a storage unit. Read More 

Storing Sports Equipment This Winter? 3 Tips To Keep Everything In Good Condition

Renting a storage unit can free up a lot of space at home, but you may be concerned about what you can do to ensure that all the contents stay in good condition. If you're primarily planning on renting a storage unit to take care of sports equipment that's used during the warmer months of the year, there are a number of things that you can do to help improve the chance of everything staying in good condition. Read More 

Moving Artwork | Protecting Your Investment

Packing artwork and mirrors for a move can be a little nerve-racking. Whether you have an original Chagall sketch or an oil on canvas that your grandfather painted, great care must be taken when packaging any artwork for a move.  1. Tape - Broken glass is the leading cause of damage to artwork during transport. Glass is fragile and can break due to sudden movement, being dropped, or being crushed. The key is to be prepared for this to happen by placing an 'x' across the surface of the glass with packaging tape. Read More