4 Tips For Storing Your Boat In The Winter

Owning your own boat truly adds fun and excitement to your life, but it's also a big responsibility. One of your main responsibilities as a boat owner is knowing how to safely and responsibly store your boat in the winter so that come spring your boat is still in perfect working order. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when storing your boat for the winter:

Choose the Right Storage Facility

While you could store your boat in your yard or at the marina, the ideal choice is to pay for a dedicated spot at a boat storage facility. This ensures your boat is kept inside all winter and won't withstand damage from the elements or potential theft or vandalism. You won't have to worry about your spouse or neighbors taking issue with the boat being in your yard. Best of all, many boat storage facilities include additional services in your storage fee, such as trailer transportation for your boat from the storage unit back to the dock in the spring.

Thoroughly Clean Your Boat

If your boat isn't cleaned thoroughly inside and out, any waste or mildew left behind will only turn into an unpleasant mess during the months your boat is kept in storage. The exterior needs a thorough scrubbing and hosing off to remove any barnacles, seaweed, mildew, or other debris. Hoses should be drained, cleaned, and stashed inside the boat for safekeeping. When cleaning the interior of your boat, don't forget to doublecheck that you take out the trash and completely empty out the refrigerator.

Change the Oil

It may seem silly to change the oil when you won't be using your boat, but it's actually an important step before storing it for the winter. The oil in a boat can easily come into contact with contaminants. It's smart to drain the oil and replace it with new, uncontaminated oil before the boat goes into storage. This will prevent any contaminants in the oil from corroding your boat's engine parts while it's in storage.

Change the Antifreeze

Once the oil is changed, move on to doing the same thing with the antifreeze. Having clean, fresh antifreeze will give you peace of mind in the cold winter months, knowing your boat's inner workings won't be subjected to freezing.

By following these tips, your boat will be stored all winter in ideal conditions and ready to take back out on the water come springtime. For more information, visit websites like http://www.movewithunited.com.