Alternatives For Moving And Storage Options

Moving is tough enough, but if you are going to also be storing your belongings and furnishing for some time, it can become even harder to deal with. Loading the truck just to unload it into a storage unit and then reverse the process later is never a great prospect but there are other options that can make it a little simpler for you.

Moving Your Belongings To Storage

There are times when you are moving to a new home but sold yours sooner than you thought you would and need to vacate the home before you have a new place to move into. The overlap in time between moving out and moving into another place might mean you have to store all your belongings for a few months. Often that means renting a truck and moving everything out of the house and to the storage unit in a day or two. If you could move your stuff over a period of a few weeks, it could make the process much easier for you.

Considering A Storage Container

If you know that you are going to be moving out and need to store stuff, renting a storage container that you can put everything it might be a good option. There are a few alternative storage companies that will deliver the container to you so that you can fill it in your own time. After it has been filled, the container can be stored until you need it then delivered to your new home when you are ready. 

While these moving companies do not load and unload the container for you, they will get it where you are going in a time frame you need it to be there. Yes, you still have to load and unload it, but you can take more time than a traditional moving van that you rent, and you can store it in the container which a traditional moving company will not offer to do for you.

 Letting Someone Else Do The Heavy Lifting For You

If you have to move and you do not want to load a container, you can have a moving company load your belongings into a truck and move them to a storage unit for you. The downside is that you are going to have to pay for the movers twice. Once when you move to the storage and again when you move to your new home. It will keep you from having to lift all the boxes and find help to move furniture or other large items. While it more cost a little more, it might be the right choice for you if your situation warrants it.

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